Journey to NOIHMLA
Journey to NOIHMLA
Journey to NOIHMLA

Paperback, 5″x8″

271 pages

Published by RT Hill Productions

© 2018

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This is a national security novel about our era.

National intelligence officers, governors, and congressional oversight leaders seek her advice.

Carrie Station is a rising star inside the top-secret world of national security at NOIHMLA, the National Office of Intelligence, Homeland and Military Liaison Agency. Detecting and stopping threats against the US is part of her day.

After helping take down another threat, Carrie looks in the mirror and asks, How did I get here?

The answer: 9/11.

Over a decade before, that day forever changed the lives of two Midwest college students, Carrie Station and Jeff Hanford. When Carrie meets Jeff in history class, she nicknames him Rockhead. For the next two years, they trade sarcasm about history, politics, and even each other’s love interests.

But as they watch the horror of 9/11 unfold in a college union, they know their worlds will change. In the next months, they find out how far it takes them into different worlds…together or with others.

Numbland Security is the first book in the Numbland Security book series. It follows Carrie and Jeff for 15 years of their loves, wars, and the ongoing threat of terrorism.

Carrie and Jeff represent the unknown and dedicated people who serve and make sacrifices in this continually changing world.

These are the hidden heroes we should know more about.

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Watch for
Book Two in the
Numbland Security™

Coming in Fall, 2018

Before The Fire

Follow Carrie and Jeff after 9/11 changes their loves, career choices, and lives.

They find themselves in different worlds than they ever imagined just one year ago during their senior year in college. They will later realize that college was a simpler time, a time when they were feeling at peace about their futures.

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