author dave furneauxThe draft is the only lottery David Furneaux’s ever won. But it gave him an assignment in Army intelligence with an infantry unit eight miles above Pearl Harbor. It gave him a deep appreciation for timely and shared intelligence between government and the military.

David has interviewed thousands of people as a national recruiter and later as an oral historian for veterans’ history projects. He realized during the journey, he loved helping people tell their stories.
He’s a recovering history major, volunteers at a local veterans medical center and is an independent. In recent years he has been a speaker on the Pearl Harbor attack, WWII, the Korean War and Veterans Day commemorations at Honor Flight programs, libraries, veterans organizations, and community centers.

He feels 9/11 was the domestic Pearl Harbor for America’s 21st century. He lives in Iowa.

He’s married and a proud parent and grandparent.

The author is available for presentations and book signings.
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Reviews of Numbland Security
from ARC’s (Advance Reading Copy)


Dave Furneaux’s book is a very good read with well-developed characters. It is a story of the USA’s efforts to prevent, detect and stop terrorism wherever it may occur. It accurately portrays the stress and strain experienced by those brave souls who are in the trenches.

—David T, former USN Cryptologic Technician and retired bank executive


I thoroughly enjoyed every single page. The characters, Jeff, Carrie, Kelly, & Dave, came across as real, multi-dimensional people. Your description of the local scenery pulled me right into the story and was more akin to watching a movie than reading a book. I really loved the airport episodes that Carrie and Kelly monitored. They were intense and suspenseful, yet invisible to the average traveler! Hoping for more from Milo Pangloss and Kathy K. I will look forward to the next installment this fall. I’m hooked on all of the characters and anxiously waiting to see what transpires between Jeff and Carrie!!

—Katie L, avid national security/tech thriller reader


A moving story at a tragic time. Dave beautifully illustrates how our personal lives and passions can change and grow with events in a troubled world. I loved the characters and cheered them on! They made me laugh and cry. They were authentic and close to home. Did not want the book to end!

—Deanna B, former military wife, avid history, biography and thriller fiction reader.



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